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The power of ‘Brain Dumping’

Would you understand what I meant if I said sometimes our brains get too ‘loud’?

Often we find ourselves with lots of thoughts, feeling and issues buzzing round our minds which can make it so difficult (even impossible) to relax, wind down and even affect our sleep. This could be because our minds are working overtime thinking about everything we have going round and round in our heads. In these situations we could find ourselves getting overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and possibly depressed.

This is where the brain dump comes in.

A brain dump is literally dumping everything that is buzzing round your mind onto a page, physically writing it all down.

This task sounds scary BUT actually having your worries written down in front of you can be really helpful. When we have everything inside our minds it a big scary mess, having it written down not only gets everything out but it could really help organise and sort through your thoughts making it less scary and more manageable, making you in control of your thoughts once again.

The best thing about a brain dump is how personal you can make it. You can do this activity anyway you want. Writing a list, writing each thought on post-it note, drawing pictures etc.. which ever way is more suited to you as a person and your life style.

Personally, this has helped me a lot, it has helped me plan my days, prioritise tasks and even help me remember things that I may have forgot. I have suggested this task to a few of clients suffering with anxiety and this has been really beneficial for them as it has allowed them to explore how they were feeling and what they had going on for them.

Have you 'Brain Dumped'? If so, how did you find it?

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This a great little blog! I would have never called it brain dumping but that seems a little nicer way of putting it! I will 100% be doing this

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