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Tips on how to help the New Year's resolution stick rather than suck

As the new year is now upon us, this is usually the time people start to really think about what 'New Year's Resolution' they would like to set, however people tend to overlook how to make the resolutions a reality, below are a few tips that could possibly help with that: 1 – Are these goals you truly want or think you should have?

If you do not truly want these goals, then why are you putting yourself through the process? Yes ok, someone on Instagram may be doing it and you thought it ‘sounded good’ or you thought ‘I’ll do that’ but if this goal doesn’t sit with your vision for your future or your wants/needs you will struggle to stick to it. Purely because that ‘drive’ isn’t naturally there. By all means take other people’s process or goals but alter them to suit YOU rather than changing you to suit it

2 – Are massive, huge goals motivational?  

What I mean by this is the fact that trying to make a huge change or achieve a huge goal all at once can be extremely stressful and possibly unachievable making people loose drive, confidence, and motivation when they think about this goal. However, by breaking things down into manageable steps, changes, or tasks this could make the goal feel a lot more controllable also by completing the smaller tasks you will hopefully get that buzz of knowing you’re one step closer to the ‘end goal’, without burning yourself out.


3 – Are your goals flexible?

Setting intentions and changes on 1/1/24 for the rest of the year is brilliant, are these changes going to be feasible on the 18/4/24 or the 05/10/24? Of course, there is no way of knowing that but are you going to give yourself the flexibility and opportunity to alter these changes/plans should you need to? The more rigid a task is the more we will shy away from it simply because it doesn’t work for us or fit into our schedule.

4 – Is progress still progress even if it isn’t 1000% consistent?

Yes. If you go to the gym 3 days in a row and then miss a day because you have a busy day at work, or you’ve got plans with friends – does that mean the last 3 days gym sessions were useless/wasted? No. The mindset you have around consistency will play a huge part here. I appreciate that there needs to be a level of discipline but this needs to be used in the right way, if you beat yourself up for not going to the gym on Thursday how is this going to help you go the gym on Friday?

5 – Check in with yourself

Are you in the right mindset, physical state, energy level to be doing this type of work right now? Yes, it’s the new year but this doesn’t guarantee that this will be the right time for you – so why put that pressure on yourself right now? This may even hinder your progress before you even get started. Does it actually matter when we start the journey as long as we get to the destination? (cheesy I know)  In conclusion – make your goal New Year resolution work for you while you’re working for it.

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