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Client Testimonials 

Miss N 

I began working with Abigail 7 months ago at an extremely difficult point in my mental health journey. I was really struggling with anxiety and feelings of guilt and low self worth. I felt hopeless. Abigail has guided me to completely change my perspective on my life and the way I view myself. Abigail was always there to listen and helped me make sense of my past life experiences.

I cannot thank Abigail enough for the skills she has taught me and I will continue to use them in my everyday life.

I will really miss our sessions and I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to work together.

I’m now looking forward to welcoming my little girl into the world with a whole new perspective and optimism for my future.

Miss H 

Just want to say a huge thank you for all of your help over the last few months. I have gone from feeling all sorts of things to feeling the best I ever have and I have to put that down to your help and guidance.

From dealing with the past issues I have faced all the way to my health anxiety you have guided me through how to deal and cope with them. I was so scared to initially go to a councillor because as you know I hate the thought of being ‘weak’ but little did I know it’s the strongest thing I could have done and you proved that to me!

Again thank you for everything because I would be able to manage my anxiety or be as comfortable in certain situations as I am now, if it wasn’t for you.

Mr K 

Abigail has a rare and wonderful ability to understand, listen and comment appropriately to some very difficult and complex problems built up over many decades. She has shown me methods and ways of changing my behaviour towards those I love, to seek to understand why I do and say certain things and to tolerate and moderate my manner towards others.

I was naturally, at first, concerned that one so young (compared to me) would have the life experience to be able to help me progress. I could not have been more wrong. She has a wisdom way beyond her age, a comprehension of complex disorders and a sympathetic manner which puts one at ease without being sentimental, rare qualities indeed, and as a man with lots of different life experiences both good and bad, Abigail is to be congratulated at succeeding in helping me where so many other professionals have failed.

My family have seen the enormous changes in me over the months the improvement in my relationships with my family which  have been remarkable and wonderful to behold and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to continue with my sessions and personal growth, thank you so much

Mr D

She makes me feel comfortable and always pushes me to think of positive ways of looking at my life

Miss A

My therapist Abigail has been extremely helpful and our sessions have been useful.
Abigail created a comfortable space for me to open up about how I was feeling, just by listening and providing that space for me to unload everything out loud to try and make sense of it in my own brain really helped.

Also she was good with working with me to highlight the key areas I wanted to work on in the sessions and provided me with relevant tools/ help sheets which were extremely useful and allowed me to reflect and notice certain things.

In addition, she was very flexible when it came to arranging sessions and was understanding when I had to re-schedule/ log on late, also very efficient in starting sessions on time and scheduling next one.

Furthermore, I am very happy that I got Abigail as my therapist she has truly helped me to come full circle and be excited for the future. I would highly recommend her to someone if needed.

Mrs V

Abigail was fantastic. She was not only professional but also very friendly. I was very nervous about approaching a therapist but Abigail made me feel very much at ease. Each session was very helpful and Abigail helped get me out a dark place. She has helped me move on from dark moments in life and has taught me how to approach any anxious moments so that I don't slip back into bad mind sets. I would highly recommend Abigail to anyone struggling. 


Thank you so much 😊

Mrs B

I just wanted to say thank you for being there. I really think the sessions are helping me cope better and I do apperciate that.

Miss O

Abigail was assigned as my one to one counsellor and worked with me for 3 months. I was off work due to mental health deterioration, stress and anxiety. I was in a very bad place - not sleeping, eating, not taking care of my personal hygiene, I was depressed, very tearful, unable to carry out basic tasks with no interest in anything. From our initial call I was really reluctant and didn't really want to engage. Abigail was amazing, she was patient, caring, so supportive. She listened and encouraged me to open up and talk about how I was feeling. She inspired me to start thinking of myself, worked with me giving me time and space, ideas, suggestions and the right support to work through my problems and issues giving me a different perspective in a safe, non judgemental, respectful environment. I honestly can't thank Abigail enough I am in a much better place now, nearly back to my normal self. She played a key role in my recovery. Thank you so much Abigail for all your kindness, help and support 

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