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The Domino Effect

For this blog, you will need to imagine and vision our lives as a box of dominos. With each domino representing a part of your life, so for example domino one is your career, domino two is your finances, domino three is your family and so on and so forth. When life is calm and going 'well' all these dominos are in a lovely, neat row, all stood securely in place. What would happen if one of those dominos were to fall? Just one? What affect would this have on the remaining standing dominos? Would they all fall? Would just one or two fall? There is no telling what affect this one domino falling would have on the rest.

Now, let’s put this into an example so you can see where I am going with this. Let’s use Bob as an example, Bob has recently added a new domino into his row, the domino represents his alcohol addiction, this domino will fall if Bob is no longer in control of his addiction, if this domino falls it could start affecting other areas of his life. In turn making them fall too, such as domino 2 his career - Bob could get fired for turning up to work under the influence, this could then affect domino 3 his finances - Bob now has no job so no money coming in, he is now struggling financially which could then affect domino 4 - his family. Bob turns to his family for support, however they don't want to help him financial as they are worried the money will enable his addiction. This affects domino number 5 his home - Bob's has now lost his house because he cannot pay his rent/mortgage. You get the idea?

The point I am trying to make is that all areas of our lives are connected in some way shape or form. We must be careful that one area is not going to start affecting the others. Looking back at Bob, can you imagine how he would be feeling right now if all this had happened? All because one domino fell. Where would/could he start to rebuild his life? Well, how you rebuild your row of dominos? ONE BY ONE! If you try and rebuild a few different things at the same time, what could happen? They could fall again and again. But if you did one at time you can carefully give that domino the time it needs to feel strong and secure again resulting in a smaller chance of it falling again. Taking things one step at a time is something I try and work through with my clients, after all it is the High Hopes' moto, I will be doing a whole sperate blog on this at some point as it is something I am VERY passionate about this.

The reason I wanted to write about this today is because we are seeing the domino effect in full swing with the pandemic. If you take a second to look you can see how many different areas of our society that the pandemic has affected. Now, unfortunately we as individuals can only do so much to help rebuild what the damage the pandemic has done. But this does not stop us focusing on our own lives/dominos and working on these to ensure that each is strong and secure so we can continue living the lives we want/need.

I would love to hear everyone’s opinion on this topic! Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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