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Working towards a brighter future, one step at a time 

Each of us can experience hard times in life, which can leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, scared, depressed and stressed. With counselling we can support you while you learn and develop skills that can help you through life's challenges.

Therapy Closeup


High Hopes Counselling was created back in 2021 as a private adult counselling service, offering only online and telephone sessions from the 'spare room' at home. Since then we have secured our first office space in 2022 to now expanding the service to offer counselling to Young People and also help to local businesses in 2023. 
It is fair to say we have grown from strength to strength in our first two years and we have no interest in slowing down with big plans already in place for 2024 and beyond. 


Our values:

  • Empowerment: 
    No matter who you are coming into HHC we will always be looking at the growth you want to achieve, whether this be a person, a business or as a counsellor. As induvial counsellors or as a team we will be empowering you ever step of the way to help become the person you want to be professionally and personally. 

  •  Empathy: 
    From all aspects of the service, we will strive to really understand and get to know each individual and their reasoning for accessing/coming on board the service.  We will offer a real and true understanding of your personal and professional needs.  

  • Community: 
    The life of a counsellor can be extremely lonely, especially in private practice – so creating a community is a huge focus for HHC. Offering the feeling of being included in a team while working on your personal professional journey. This also looks at the public, looking at how we can make counselling accessible to as many people as possible (through charity contracts, business contracts etc..)

  • Openness: 
    We want to break down the walls and welcome the difficult conversations that you may be nervous to have. We want to create the safe space where anyone can come and be unapologetically themselves without the fear of judgment.


Our office 


Digital Media Centre (DMC 01) 
County Way 
S70 2JW

Office rent opportunities 

Recently qualified and entering the world of private practice but nervous about committing to a full time space while building up your client numbers? Here at High Hopes we have the option of counsellors/professionals hiring the room on a part time/as needed basis 

Be sure to keep an eye out for us on social media 

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